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1/4'' Individual Super-Long Nut Driver- 18''-Shank

SKU: S818

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When you have to reach into walls and other hard-to-get-at places, reach for the super-long 18'' (457 mm) heavy duty nut driver. The exclusive full-size top with no unfinished seams or sharp edges reduce fatigue. The smooth Comformdome handle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The color-coded handle makes this tool easy to find in your tool bag.
Feature 1 Heavy-duty, long-reach nut drivers.
Feature 2 Ideal for reaching into walls and other hard-to-get-at places where added length is necessary.
Feature 3 Hollow shafts facilitate work on stacked circuit boards or other long bolt applications.
Feature 4 Smooth Comfordome handles fit the palm of the hand comfortably and are are color-coded for easy identification.
Feature 5 Exclusive full-size top with no unfinished seams, no sharp edges to cause fatigue.
Feature 6 Chrome-plated shaft helps prevent corrosion.
Feature 7 Internal flanges provide solid, twist-resistant shaft anchor.
Feature 8 Handles are break resistant, impervious to most acids and alkalis, and are full-fluted for better grip and driving torque.
Feature 9 Edges are chamfered for comfort.
Feature 10 Meets or exceeds applicable ASME / ANSI specifications.
Handle Color red
Hex Size 1/4"
Hex Size 1/4''
Overall Length 21-5/8'' (549 mm)
Overall Length Metric 549 mm
Shank Length 18'' (457 mm)
Shank Length Metric 457 mm
Warning 1 Always wear approved eye protection.
Warning 2 NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock.
Weight (lbs.) .25